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Live and Let Rock – they lived and they rocked!

Highlights for me were DC’s Shot Down in Flames (Mark’s still got a terrific vocal range), the guitar player’s practically note-perfect rendition of the solo in Marillion’s Kayleigh (one of the best solos ever, in my view), and an absolutely storming take on Sharp Dressed Man (possibly ZZ Top’s best track). This latter number was a floor-filler and no mistake…

 By Jason D’Allison

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Comment: Kingswood, April 2012

Good gig sat night at the Kingswood, thanks for the Led Zepp , u guys nailed it. Ramble on.

Marc C.

Comment: Old Royal Oak, April 2012

What’s that coming over the hill, is it a……..lobster ;0) Awesome night ;0) You guys were fab xxxxx

Emma B.