Live and Let Rock at The White Horse
By Adam Sealey

From the start of the drumming, I knew Deep Purple Fireball. Have been to a lot of gigs over the years but that’s the first time I’ve heard it live. Great stuff, enjoyed the evening. Thanks!


Live and Let Rock at The Trident
By Lee Morrall

An impressive set of rock covers delivered with gusto… metal, punk, alternative, melodic rock… it’s all here. Particularly impressed with the guitar player’s literally perfect re-creation of the sound and tones of a variety of rock bands from the 60’s to the present day. Check ’em, book ’em.


Live and Let Rock at the Feathers
By David-Anthony Smith

Popped into the Feathers Inn last night to see Live and Let Rock. As always their performing was stunning and lively. Three excellent musicians and a dynamic front man/vocalist, this group should not be missed. Look them up and be sure to visit next time they are on. Well done.


Live and Let Rock – they lived and they rocked!
Old Royal Oak, Burton on Trent.
By Jason D’Allison

Highlights for me were DC’s Shot Down in Flames (Mark’s still got a terrific vocal range), the guitar player’s practically note-perfect rendition of the solo in Marillion’s Kayleigh (one of the best solos ever, in my view), and an absolutely storming take on Sharp Dressed Man (possibly ZZ Top’s best track). This latter number was a floor-filler and no mistake – a shame there weren’t a few more there to enjoy it (though the place did fill up a bit as time went on).

Nice to hear the bass guitar forward in the mix – a rare treat nowadays.

Across the two sets, the band played for at least two hours – I had to leave during the encores and the music was still in full flow as I headed for my car.

Being on my own, propping up the bar, I was a bit of a wallflower tonight, but I’ll certainly be checking the band out again. Anyone who remembers Mark from the Roma/Roamer days (and even Flight!) would do well to do the same. You can’t beat good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll laid down in an intimate setting by guys who clearly just love to play.

And it was free (I even won £4 on the quiz machine!). I felt a bit guilty about that, to be honest – I would’ve happily paid.

If you live anywhere around the A38 corridor between Lichfield and Burton (and anywhere in Staffs/the Midlands, really), check out, look at the gig list, and get out and support local live music!


Live and Let Rock Review – The Feathers, Lichfield.
By Siâni Stonehouse

Playing your hometown is always a double-edged sword. The crowd at The Feathers were all revved up to come and see the band and show support. However, there were also high expectations from the audience, some of whom had seen members of the band members in various guises in the past, and some musicians themselves. There was a feeling of anticipation from the audience as the band started to play. What a stormer of a warm up song U2`s Vertigo is! Tackled with energy and precision, the crowd immediately knew they were in for a good set.

Part of the appeal of this band is they cover songs that are rarely, if ever covered. The band members have twenty or more years experience of being in various bands, although they made every number fresh and exciting to listen to.

A mixture of old and new was the order of the night. Franz Ferdinand’s “Take me out” was a prime example of the energy and attention to detail the band show. Mark also showed off this vocal range with delights such as Ozzy Osborne’s “Bark at the moon” and INXS’s “New Sensation” and the rare treat of Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble on”. This rendition was truly awesome.

Live and Let Rock are: Mark Smith – Lead vocals, tambourine, Chris Howles – Lead guitar and backing vocals, Paul Taborn – Bass, Gareth James – Drums and backing vocals. They formed at the end of 2010, having all been members of a variety of bands playing a mixture rock genres, from Glam Rock to Grunge.

ChrisMark worked the crowd extremely well. His powerful vocal style along with his extrovert and effervescent stage presence got the crowd suitably enthused and moving.

Chris, the veritable lead guitarist, competently tackled some very complicated solos with ease and used a variety of effect pedals to good use. Lenny Kravitz’s “Are you gonna go my way” and Muse`s “Plug in Baby“ were some highlights in this respect.

Paul, the bassist clearly has a love for his instrument and together with Gareth on drums showed great skill at keeping the rhythm section in check

By now the audience were well and truly warmed up. The majority are singing, and many dancing. Live and Let Rock had truly nailed some Foo Fighters and Queen songs. Both of these bands held in high regard by the crowd.

An early 80’s mini set was truly welcomed. A well-rehearsed version of the Jam’s “Going Underground” and the hugely received and rarely played “Stand and Deliver” By Adam and the Ants got the female members of the audience madly dancing away.

The Feathers pub has become known recently as Lichfield’s Premiere music venue, and you can see why. It has up-to-date gig facilities and an awesome stage set up. It is always packed with folk on Saturday nights; most of them just enjoying the music as a background. However, tonight the band was definitely in the foreground. People were noticeably stopping their conversations just to watch Live and Let Rock.

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