About Us

Mark    Carl    Paul    Des

Live And let Rock are quite simply the Ultimate Tribute to Rock, playing the largest anthems from the rock spectrum.

Originally brought to life in 2010 the band has organically metamorphosed into the premier Rock Act we see today with the new 2013 line up of Mark, Paul, Carl and Des. The band are made up of high calibre battle scarred individuals from previous notable bands that have gelled together to produce this sensational live act.

Live And Let Rock take on and effortlessly bring to you the songs you always wanted to hear, but very rarely do. Pick your personal iconic rock song and you will sure to find it in the Live And let Rock catalogue. Anthem after anthem no other act has the depth and integrity to compare with this spectacular outfit.

This is the band that the band themselves wanted to see, but never could. You can.

No rock venue, event or rally should be without them

Share, join, spread the word. This is Live And Let Rock.

No fillers, just Killers!

If you are a venue, club or organiser and wish to endorse the services of Live And Let Rock, simply email at let.rock@live.co.uk and let us confirm your expectations. The clue is the name!

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